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Quick Guide to Finding WDL Data

There are 4 basic ways to find data in the WDL.
Location Search: Quick Zoom Using the Map.
Use the Search Box to enter a place name and quick zoom the map. Almost anything works. Here are some examples:
a. City Name, e.g. Red Bluff, Stockton, Santa Barbara
b. Address, e.g. 1450 Riverbank Rd, West Sacramento
c. County, e.g. Yolo County, Imperial County
d. State or national park name, e.g. Yosemite, San Simeon
e. Water feature name, e.g. Grant Line Canal, San Luis Reservoir, Lake Davis
f. Geographic Feature, e.g. Sutter Buttes, Mount Diablo
g. Area, e.g. "Frank's Tract", "Empire Tract", or "Chipps Island" to find the Delta
h. Zip Code
You may need to zoom out a couple of steps to see the entire area of interest. Click on the Dot to find your data. Narrow your search as described in "Finding Your Data"

Geographic Search: Pan and Zoom the Map
Tip: It's best to uncheck the Site Selection boxes while searching this way. Click and drag the map to the area of interest. Zoom in or out by using the "+" or "-" buttons. Once you've found the area of interest, check the Site Selection box for the type of data you want and click on the Select Button. To access the data, click on a map dot and click the hyperlink. Follow the directions on the subsequent page(s) to view the data.

Search by Station or Project
Specialized data searches are available by Station Name, Number or Region by selecting one of the hyperlinks on the menu on the left side of the screen. These are labeled "Groundwater Level Data", "Water Quality Data" and "Continuous Data". Each has a specific list of search types.
  • Groundwater Level Data Be sure you've clicked the "Groundwater Level Data" link to the left of the map. Users may find data by entering the Hydrologic Region, Groundwater Basin or Township of the well. From there they can select the State Well Number. Available data outputs include HTML (web page), Excel File or Text (csv) file. Also available are Coutour Data and data from named Projects.
  • Water Quality Data Be sure you've clicked the "Water Quality Data" link to the left of the map.
    Select by Station Name, Number or County: Enter a whole or partial station name or number (guess if you aren't sure) or county. The search will pick up on partial values and list all possible matches.
    Select by User Project: User projects are samples flagged as being associated with a report or specific activity in the Department. As such, the user does not have to know the station names or dates. Select the Project from the pick list.
  • Continuous Data Be sure you've clicked the "Continuous Data" link to the left of the map.
    Continuous data files are listed alphabetically by Station Name and Number. Stations are grouped as "Surface Water Sites", "Surface Water Tide Sites" and "Groundwater Sites". Click on the Station Name Link to find detailed station information, data reports and data graphs.