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Contact Information for National Hydography Stewardship in California

Questions, Issues or Problems?
If you have a question, happen upon an error in NHD in California, or want to provide a source for improving NHD in California, please contact Jane Schafer-Kramer.

California Department of Water Resources
Jane Schafer-Kramer
Technical Lead, National Hydrography Dataset Stewardship Program
Department of Water Resources
901 P Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

United States Geologic Survey
Carol Ostergren
National Geospatial Program User Engagement
National Map Liaison CA and NV
US Geological Survey
2885 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Drew Decker
National Map Liaison for Pacific Region
U.S. Geological Survey
4165 Spruance Road
San Diego, CA 92101